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Matteau Muse

We’ve had the rare fortune to get to know quite a few women who not only reflect the vision of Matteau, they inspire its future. A muse is a catalyst. They offer inspiration sure, but even more, they embody our means to express it. In the same way an artist might spend decades painting a lover, we design for the women who inspire us - Matteau’s kindred spirits.

What makes a Muse? Matteau has always been surrounded with incredible, eminently cool, strong women. They have a confidence and a modern sensibility, but more, there is an inescapable sense of self. Each is, in her own way, an essential part of what the brand stands for. From Phoebe Tonkin to Coco Baudelle and Othilia Simon, these women are part of our DNA, and will forever continue to breathe life into the world of Matteau.