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 Words by Nicholas Goodman 

Yan Yan Chan

When a woman catches our attention, it’s often because of an attitude. To say she has style is to identify something unique in the way she carries herself. It’s a quality that will always make her stand out, even in the most crowded of fields.

Yan Yan Chan’s field is getting thicker by the minute. But that fact hasn’t kept her from attracting the attention of the world far beyond the city she calls home. On some days, Ms Chan can be found shooting a story at sunrise, and then, spend an afternoon in meetings and working on mood boards, before an evening that hums with events and dinners. In between this balancing act the only thing she’ll be doing, which may be the most important, is interacting with her many thousands of observant followers. In every role and all settings, she is never not effortless, energetic and on-point.

We don’t know where Ms Chan gets her creative mettle from but we do so love all the things given life from it. In a world obsessed with novelty—and often the trivial—she is an anomaly. Where it seems so common now to fill one’s wardrobe according to someone else’s idea of style, Yan looks only to herself for cues on how to be and dress. That, in and of itself, makes her a forever Matteau Muse. 

Yan Yan Chan wears the Tiered Sundress in Lemon Berry 

Yan Yan wears the Long Sleeve Maillot in Moss 

Yan Yan Chan wears the Long Sleeve Sun Tee and Classic Brief in Lemon Berry and Gabrielle Penfold wears the Square Crop Top and Petite Brief in Lemon Berry.

“I am incredibly lucky to have a
tight knit group of girlfriends
who endlessly and genuinely
support each other”

 Moments from Yan Yan's summer in  Puglia, Italy

Puglia, Italy by Yan Yan Chan 
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